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Pat and Don

Checking out the Neighbors

Every time we pass through here they stop to watch the other horses.

Family Riding Horses

Toluca Ranch Haunted House

Riding the long drive way at Toluca Ranch Haunted House, in the afternoons, sometimes you get an eerie feeling, don't take my word for it.

Poke The Horse

The View

When the ears are like this, they are very alert, scanning the area.

Mom and Son on a Horse

Mom and Son

Sometimes the little ones have to ride with mom, it creates a memory that will last a life time.

Tour Guide With Horse


Always ready for the camera, playing around.

Diamond The Horse

Meet Diamond

Diamond is very energetic, always ready to go, and at times can be highstrong, but she is very sweet, she knows her job.

Girl Riding Horse

Making Memories

Poke is very photogenic, one of the nicest horses you'll ever meet.

Book a tour

Girl With Horse

The Tour Guide

Spending time with Poke and getting him ready for a tour.

About Texas Border Tours

Group of Winter Texans by the Rio Grande River

Come Ride with Us

It's been said, the key to true happiness is to buy experiences rather than possessions

Things to do in the RGV? Things to do in South Texas? Things to do in the Valley? How ever you look it up on Google, locals know it very well. It is the part of Texas that stretches from South Padre Island, to Brownsville, to McAllen to Edinburg, to Mission and anywhere in between.

Texas Border Tours has some of the best off the beaten path experiences like horseback trail rides that are second to none. Which if you decide to partake, it is unique and memorable.

If you are looking for something fun, daring or adventurous, you have to come on over and try our horseback trail rides. We have some of the best and well mannered horses you will find on this side of the Rio Grand. And that's the truth! Our horses have logged hundreds of trail ride hours in the last few years. They have customer experience. They can handle novice riders to professional jockeys. Our horses are what makes our trail rides successful. There is no experience like it, to sit on a 900 pound animal, with a beating heart and pure raw horsepower at your fingertips with your ability to move and direct the animal through our trails, many of our customers find it nostalgic, an invigorating experience. At times it can be full of adrenaline, but for the most part it’s a leisurely ride to the border, navigating through parts of South Texas you wouldn't typically see from any of the major roads.

If you are looking for other types of horse power, you can come on over and try our ATV guided tours. We have one or two hour tours that allow you to discover the local terrain, get up to the Rio Grand River and ride along the border fence. This experience allows you to take a cruise on an ATV along a section of the current border wall that was built in 2006. Over the years many reporters and news outlets have taken advantage of our unique business idea because it allows them to get up and close to the border wall.

Remember, if you are looking for something to do in south Texas? Something to do in the RGV? Something to do in the Valley? Texas Border Tours has you covered. Give us a call to schedule your own personalized trail ride.